Vastu colour for home, kitchen, bedroom, wall and more

When it comes to Vastu colours for home, hall colour combination is as important as master bedroom colour as per Vastu. We get you expert advice on selecting the right Vastu colours for home.

Vastu colours for home have a significant psychological effect on people.  The Vastu colours for home are suggested  based on the associated elements. It is important to have a balance of vastu colours in your home to feel fresh and live a healthy and positive life.  For example, specific colours like kitchen colour as per Vastu or bedroom colour as per vastu can stimulate distinctive emotions in people.

Importance of Vastu colours for your home

  • Following Vastu colors for your home can have a deep positive impact on the overall energy and ambiance of your living space.
  • Experts point out that each section of your home, requires vastu colors for home as per its energy requirement, size and direction.
  • Choosing Vastu colours can  contribute to your space’s aesthetic appeal. This helps create a visually pleasing and uplifting atmosphere that supports balanced lifestyle.

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Vastu colours for home: Balancing with the five elements

Five elements

While choosing the colour according to Vastu is important, what is also necessary is that these colours should balance well with the five elements- earth, fire, water, air and space.


This element plays an important role where stability is required. For eg. Living room, bedroom etc. To balance with this element use earthy colours like brown, green, off white, beige etc. Also, you can incorporate natural materials in your décor.  


This element stands for light and a great amount of energy and is suitable for kitchen and living room. While colours like red, orange are linked with the fire element, it’s recommended to use these colours in combination with neutral colours so that a balance is achieved.


The different shades of blue, sea green etc. depict this element. A sign of relaxation, this element’s energy and the colour is prevalent in bathrooms and bedrooms.


This element as the name suggests closer to nature and openness. Colours that are pleasing like pastels, lighter shades of green, yellow etc. help in managing this element. This element has a strong presence in areas that are open and seamless like the living room.


Areas like the entrance of the living room, meditation room etc. are places where this element is strongly felt. White, cream and shades of pastels sync with this element.



Room colours as per Vastu 

Room Suggested wall colours according to vastu Wall colours according to vastu to avoid

Home exterior

Yellowish-white, off-white, light mauve Black
Main door/entrance White, silver or wood colours Red, deep yellow
Ceiling White or off-white Black and grey
Drawing/living room White/yellow Dark colours

Dining room

Green, blue or yellow Grey
Kitchen Orange or red Dark grey, blue, brown and black
Pooja room Yellow Red
Study Light green, blue, cream or white Brown, grey
Master bedroom Blue Dark shades of red
Guest room White Dark shades of red
Kid’s room White Dark blue and red
Bathroom White Dark shades of any colour
Balcony/veranda Blue, cream, light tones of pink and green Grey, black
Garage White, yellow, blue Black, brown
Staircase White, beige, brown, light grey, pale blue Red and black

Vikash Sethi, CEO and founder of, says that wall colors according to vastu has to be decided, based on the direction and the date of birth of the homeowner. “While each direction has a wall colour as per vastu, at times, sometimes it may still not suit the owner. Therefore, home owners should adhere to the above mentioned (tabular) general guidelines for Vastu colours for home.

“Home owners must take extra precautions while choosing colours like black, red and pink, as these colours do not suit every person according to Vastu colours for home,” explains Sethi. Coral red and pink are colours favourable with the south direction according to Vastu Shastra.


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Vastu wall colour as per direction

Direction Ruled by Colours
North-east Jupiter Light blue, yellow
East Sun White, light blue
South-east Venus Orange, pink, silver
North Mercury Green, pista green, light blue
North-west Moon Light grey colour as per vastu, white, cream
West Saturn West wall colour as per vastu are blue, white,grey
South-west Rahu Peach, mud colour or light brown
South Mars Red , coral red, pink and yellow

How to choose the right colours for your home, based on Vastu

Astro-numerologist, Gauravv Mittal, says, “People should keep the following points in mind and consider the vastu color chart, while choosing colours for their rooms.”

Vastu colours for home: Significance

Colour Represents
Red Bravery, Passion, power, emotions, warmth
Blue Beauty, contentment, devotion, truth, new growth
Green Growth, healing, fertility, prosperity
White Purity, openness, innocence, luxury
Yellow Optimism, openness, study, intelligence
Orange Spirituality, Power, Determination, goals, good health, comfort
Brown Stability, satisfaction, comfort



Richness, luxury, graciousness, pride

Lack of

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Home exterior colour

The exterior Vastu colours for home, should be based on its owners. Exterior wall paint colour according to Vastu should be colours, such as yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange, that can suit to people of all Rashis.

  • Main door/entrance: The auspicious colours for the main door, based on its direction are mentioned in the table above. Opt for soft colours for the front door, such as white, silver or wood colours that are in sync with hall colour combination. If your main door is facing the south, use of coral red or pink is suggested. This is because south falls under purview of Mars planet and red is the colour of Mars.
  • Green is a very auspicious vastu colour for home for the entrance area. Its benefits include healing or relaxation and growth or re-creation. Green helps control excessive mood swings and temperament issues.
  • Balcony/veranda: According to Vastu colours for home, the balcony should be in the north or east direction. Prefer using calm colours like blue, cream and light tones of pink and green, for the balcony. This is the space where the occupants connect with the outer world.
  • Garage: As per Vastu colours for home, the ideal location for a garage is in the north-west side. Ideal colours are white, yellow, blue or any other light shade.

Hall colour as per Vastu

The living room of every home is the centre of energies. Ideally, the hall should be in the north-east or north-west direction. Hall colour as per Vastu should be painted yellow or white.

It must be a comfortable and serene space. Best suited vastu colours for home here are shades of white, yellow, calming green or blue. The hall room colour combination as per Vastu should not be bright or jarring.


As per Vastu, the ceiling colours should be light. It is best if it is white as it attracts positive energy and keeps negativity away. According to experts, if you have by chance opted for dark coloured ceilings, its a good idea to rethink and repaint them with shades of white or something light and pastel. White on the ceiling stands for openness, purity, cleanliness, openness and luxury.

Dining area

The dining area is where the family meets for meals. Warm colours like peach, yellow, shades of light orange and even blue, are ideal vastu colours for home for this area.

Children’s room

According to Vastu Shastra, colours in the children’s room should be chosen with great care, especially if they are in their formative years. Choose light pastel colours that will have a positive impact on the child. North-west is the best place for rooms for children who are grown up and go out for higher studies. As the north-west direction is governed by the moon, children’s rooms in this direction should be painted with white colour, as per Vastu.


If you have a home-office, opt for colours like light green, blue, cream and white, according to Vastu colours for home for study room. Lighter hues of gold, yellow, brown and green for your home office, ensures a stable working ambience and enhances productivity and also makes the room appear big.

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Guest room

  • A lighter shade of blue is apt for the guest room if it marked in the North-East direction of the house.
  • If the guest room is marked on the south direction, then choose lighter shades of pink, purple, red or orange.
  • If the guest room is marked in the east of your house, opt for paints in colours either green or brown.
  • Yellow, cream or beige are apt for guest rooms in the southwest direction.


These are some of the vastu meanings for colours used in the bedroom.

  • Blue stands for beauty, honesty, contentment
  • Green stands for positivity
  • Yellow stands for cheerfulness
  • Pink stands for positivity.
  • White stands for peace
  • Teal is a colour sought by people with modern bedroom decor.
  • Lavender is a soothing colour.
  • Charcoal is a colour that is an alternative to black. However, these shades are not vastu recommended as they are believed to evoke fatigue.


  • North-west is the best place for bathroom.
  • Bathroom should have a blue, brown or white-coloured tub or bucket.
  • Avoid black or red coloured tub or bucket in the bathroom.
  • Wall colours as per vastu should be light colour.
  • Washing machines if kept in the bathroom should be kept in the
  • If you are keeping the washing machine inside the bathroom, choose the South West or North West corner.

What colour should be used in temple as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, you should use light colours like white, light blue, lavender, yellow or light green in the home temple. These colours allow positivity to flow in the temple room.

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Best colours as per vastu for Kitchen 

Vastu colours in the kitchen help in channelising positive energy in your family. Note that Vastu Shastra always recommends things close to nature and so while following the principles Vastu,  give preference to  natural colours over synthetic ones, as the latter will not effectively channelise positive energy.

  • The best kitchen colours as per Vastu colours are orange and red as the kitchen represents the fire element.
  • The kitchen color as per Vastu also include bright shades and hence, the kitchen colour according to vastu can also be yellow.
  • Warm tones like pink signify love and warmth, while brown too works as Vastu colours for kitchen as it signifies satisfaction.
  • The south-east zone is ideal for kitchens. If there are kitchen cabinets, shades of lemon yellow, orange or even green work well as Vastu colors for kitchen, as they denote freshness, health and positivity.
  • As for the flooring, opt for mosaic, marble or ceramic tiles. Light shades – beige, whites or light brown are good kitchen colours as per Vastu for the floor.
  • Kitchen slabs as per Vastu recommendations are the best in naturally available stones, which include granite or quartz.
  • According to Vastu colours for kitchen, orange, yellow and green colours work well for the kitchen’s countertops.

Bedroom colours as per Vastu

  • Blue as bedroom colour as per Vastu stands for beauty, truth, dedication
  • Green as bedroom colour as per Vastu stands for a positive environment
  • Pink as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes a statement.
  • Yellow as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes for a cheerful ambience.
  • Orange as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes for a empowering environment.
  • Grey as bedroom colour as per Vastu is very classy
  • White as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes for a peaceful environment
  • Lavender as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes for a serene and soothing environment.

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Bedroom colour as per Vastu for couples

Blue and green are the vastu colours for bedroom for couples.

According to bedroom Vastu colours for home, the master bedroom should be in a south-west direction and hence the master bedroom colour as per Vastu should be painted with blue colour. The bedroom is a space for relaxation and the master bedroom colour as per vastu should be soothing and have a positive aura. It is best to keep the space light and cool with soothing tones that are easy on the eyes used as vastu colours for bedroom. Master bedroom colour as per Vastu can be an all-white colour pattern with blue coloured doors and furniture. Apart from this, any light or pastel shade can work well as vastu shastra colors for bedroom. Avoid choosing heavy and dark colours as master bedroom colour as per vastu as it may add a feeling of gloom to the space, as per the principles of Vastu colors for bedroom.

Bedroom colours for couples according to Vastu especially newly married couples should be light shades in yellow or pink, as this helps in bonding and are best color for bedroom walls as per Vastu. Bedroom colours for couples according to vastu who are married for some time are soft shades of green and blue.

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Curtains colour guidelines as per Vastu

As per Vastu colours for home, it is not merely the wall colours according to Vastu but the overall colours present in the room that influence us. Opt for light colour curtains like white, off-white, rosy red, pink, etc. These colours as per vastu are associated with calmness and relaxation, which is ideal for the bedroom.

Also according to Vastu colours for home,

  • Suitable colours for living room curtains are yellow, green and blue
  • Green, pink and blue colour curtains are recommended for dining room Green is a symbol of hope and stands for healing and harmony. Blue colour depicts new beginnings and pink signifies love.
  • The colour of curtains in the bathrooms should be in combinations of pink, white, black and grey colour as per vastu.
  • The curtains in north-facing rooms should be in light green colour.
  • According to Vastu, north-west facing rooms should have curtains in white colour.
  • West facing rooms should have curtains in grey colour as per vastu
  • South-east facing rooms should have curtains in red or pink colours.
  • North-east facing rooms should have curtains in yellow colour.

Best flooring colour options 

  • As per Vastu colours for home, the flooring colours should be light, pale and in neutral shades.
  • White marble or granite are apt as vastu colours for home, as they enhance the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Wooden flooring can also be used in the north, north-east, or east direction of the house.
  • Also, in the north-east direction, one can go in for a shade of blue for the flooring.
  • However, in the south-east direction, it is advisable to have red or pink-coloured flooring.
  • Rooms in the south-west direction should have flooring in shades of yellow.

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Colour of security cabin outside your home

Blue is a good colour for security cabin outside your house.

Lighting as per Vastu

According to Vastu colours and lights depend on each other.



Direction Colour of Light
North-east Blue
South-west Yellow
North-west White
South-east Red

Tips for colours of paintings and pictures as per Vastu

According to Vastu colors for home, place artworks in the north-east side of the room. Avoid black and red colours. Apart from the wall colors according to Vastu, even the paintings and pictures on the wall impact one, according to Vastu. The north zone of the house is linked with career. A water-related (sea, river, stream or fountain) blue colour painting can enhance wealth and luck. Avoid paintings related to water in the bedroom. A painting of a path, or road on the north wall brings more opportunities in one’s career.

It is best to use paintings or images that are scenic or resemble nature, as looking at these soothing sights is therapeutic.

According to Vastu Shastra, east represents sun and south symbolises fire. So, paintings of the rising sun (yellow and orange) or greenery can be placed on the east and south-east zone. South stands for earth, soil and that is stability. To enhance the energies of the south zone, decorate the wall with pictures or paintings of mountains and fully grown trees, in a brown-coloured frame.

Vastu planter colours for home

  • If you intend to keep plants in north direction, they should be planted in planters that are blue, grey or black in colour.
  • Plants in green colour pots placed in the east direction helps the personal and professional growth of people in the house. Flowering plants in brown planters in the the east or north-east direction brings in happiness in the house.
  • Plants placed in pots that are red in colour in the south-east direction will help the occupants of the house monetary wise and also make them secure.

Impact of natural light while designing home

  • While designing the house, ensure that maximum natural light falls inside the house.
  • The colours used in each room may appear different depending on the amount of sunlight in each room. While the lighter colours used when mixed with natural light will make it look more open and spacious, the dark colours when teamed with natural light will give a cozy and inclusive look.
  • While designing the room, balance the colours. It’s a good idea to use dark colours in a room that has ample sunlight.  A room with less sunlight and dark colour will give the room a much closed look that should be avoided.  Use of light colours in a small space will provide a spacious look to the overall space.

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Colours to avoid in the house as per Vastu

  • Dark shades like red, brown, grey colour as per vastu and black may not suit everyone, as they represent some of the fiery planets likes Rahu, Shani, Mars and Sun.
  • Avoid doing the entire house in white as it is considered to bring in element of ego in a person.
  • Use of the colour black in the temple or the pooja room should be completely avoided as black is a very disruptive colour according to Vastu. It has the ability to weaken the positive flow of energy.
  • Avoid black colour flooring in the kitchen.
  • For bedroom colour as per vastu, avoid excessive use of red as it represents fire energy and may trigger temperament issues.
  • Home owners should also avoid any dark colours in the garage and car parking areas as vastu colours for home.
  • Avoid dark colours as vastu colours for home in the study as it will add gloominess to the space.
  • Do not use dark colours like dark blue or red in the room as these may stimulate aggression in the child.
  • Avoid dark grey colour as per vastu, brown and black as Vastu colours for kitchen. Blue should be avoided as kitchen wall colour as per vastu or even as kitchen colour as per Vastu, because blue represents Varuna, the god of water and the kitchen is an area where fire reigns.
  • According to Vastu colors for home, avoid using black and white in the dining area.
  • Never use bathroom cabinets that are dark coloured. So, avoid colours like black and red when you are fitting cabinets.

What happens if Vastu colours for home is  not followed? POV

Colours play a crucial role on our emotions and well-being. Based on the Indian architectural science Vastu Shastra, you can design your home with favourable colours that will bring positivity to your home. While choosing colours, you have to balance in such a way that your preferences are met, the decor is pleasant and it is Vastu complaint.  If you don’t follow the recommended Vastu colours for home it means all the elements  needed to generate the required positive energy are not aligned. You can opt for alternative solutions offered by Vastu experts if you are not able to follow any suggested remedy.


What does Vastu and Vastu Shastra mean?

Vastu stands for the place where you live and Vastu Shastra are a set of instructions on how to go about building structure to maintain peaceful living.

What are the colours that are considered auspicious according to Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, colours such as white, green, blue or yellow are vastu complaint for homes.

How is blue colour good for the home as per Vastu?

Rooms facing the east direction benefit of the blue colour.

What is the best color for kitchen walls as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, the best colours for kitchen walls are orange, brown, white, yellow and green as they are warm and suitable for the kitchen.

Which colour is not good for kitchen?

As per Vastu, black, dark grey, dark brown, dark blue, purple are colours that shouldn’t be used in kitchen.

Which colour should not be used in bedroom?

Colours like red, purple, black and brown should not be used in bedroom as they increase the heart rate, which impact sleep as these make the person alert.

What are the happy colours?

Happy colours are colours that bright and warm pastel shades, like yellow, peach, pink, orange, lilac etc.

Which color sofa is good for Vastu?

As per Vastu, the sofa should be of white or blue colour as they are associated with clarity and purity.

What is the colour of ceiling in Vastu?

Neutral and light tones like white, cream etc. make for good ceiling colours.

Which plants are suitable according to Vastu for home?

Money plant, lucky bamboo plant, Tulsi and peace lily are some plants that can be kept at home which are vastu compliant.

What is the best color for Vastu?

Best colour for the Puja room as per Vastu is Yellow.

Which colours should be avoided by Vastu?

Red colour for the Puja room should be avoided.

What is the colour of walls in Vastu Shastra?

Yellow means happiness and is good for living room. White or off-white is recommended for bedrooms.

Is grey colour good for Vastu?

Grey brings negative energy and should be avoided in living rooms.

Which colour is the west wall colour as per vastu?

West wall colour as per vastu should be either blur or white.

Which colour is the south wall colour as per vastu?

South wall colour as per vastu should be either orange or red.

What should the vastu colors for bedroom be?

Vastu colors for bedroom should be blue or green.

What should be the hall colour as per vastu?

Hall colour as per vastu should be yellow or white.


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