Small house design: Tips to make the most of the available space

We share some tips for home owners, on planning the interior décor of small homes in the best possible manner

The owners of large homes have the liberty to pick and choose from a variety of interior design options. The same liberty is not available to owners of comparatively smaller homes. Consequently, a small house design needs a great deal of planning, to make optimum use of space.


Small house design: The challenges

“Designing small homes is tricky, as well as exciting. It is tricky, because many items have to be accommodated in a small space. So, one has to walk a fine line, to ensure that one does not overdo it. Also, storage has to be designed efficiently, to ensure sufficient space. Home owners should plan and utilise the available space to the maximum, keeping in mind the needs of the current/future occupants of the home,” says Abhineet Seth, chief executive officer, Abodekraftz.

A basic rule that the owners of 1BHK homes or studio apartments should follow, is to keep as much space as you can free, while planning small house design.


Small house design: Go for light colours

Interior design ideas for small homes

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Light colours lend an expansive and airy look, while dark shades are intense and sophisticated. A light shade of paint on the walls, will make the room appear larger, while a dark shade will do the opposite. So, for small homes, light and neutral shades work the best.


Small house design: Choose multi-functional furniture

Interior design ideas for small homes

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Modern furniture designers primarily focus on space restrictions, especially in mega cities where the sizes of homes are small. For example, you have sofas that serve the seating needs during the day and turn into full-fledged beds during the night. You could also put a furniture piece to multiple uses. A dining table, for example, can also be used as a workstation.

Additionally, you could use furniture with hidden storage. “This is possible with ottomans with storage, sofas that turn into beds, trunk and blanket boxes, benches with storage, etc.,” says Heena Jain, head design consultant, WoodenStreet.


To create a décor that reflects one’s personality and is efficient, at the same time, can be a painstaking task. Now, you can decorate your house with the click of a mouse. has partnered with leading home interior platforms, to bring the best Home Interior Design Solutions to you. From modular kitchens to customised and full interiors, we’ve got you covered – from start to finish.


Small house design: Lighting for compact homes

Interior design ideas for small homes

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The presence or absence of proper lighting, also makes a big difference in the overall look of your house. A well-lit room will appear more spacious than a dimly-lit one. It is not just the electrical lighting in the house but also the presence of natural light, which is equally important to achieve this goal. Jain suggests that home owners use sheer curtains for windows and doors, to let the natural light in.


Small house design: Use mirrors

Interior design ideas for small homes

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The use of mirrors in the décor of a house, is a sure-shot way to make your home look bigger. Aside from its functional use, mirrors can enhance the room’s symmetry, making it seem more luxurious. “Mirror frames create the illusion of more space. The trick here, is to place the mirror frame across a window, to give the space a more open feel,” says Jain.


Small house design: Adopt a minimalistic approach

Although we all love to collect artefacts, the line between what we want and what we need, is quite fine. Those with limited space, should buy decorative articles of furniture, only if it is absolutely necessary. Too many décor items in a small space, will make the space look cluttered and uninviting. The key, says Seth, lies in organising things, rather than just adding elements.


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